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Nov 18, 2013 1:00pm EST
kathleen sebelius down to the fda and they finally agreed. now, i know we're going to save hundreds and hundreds of thousands of lives throughout america and i know. and that's a proud moment when you know you can make a difference such as that. i was proud of that. >> senator hoeven? >> that's the work i've done to support our men and women in uniform and our military and the great work they've done. and joe and i worked together on veterans and some of those things. so the work i've been able to do on behalf of the military, families and some of the vets that come back disabled and then trying to hire a vet. those kind of things. >> we worked on student loans. >> yeah. >> working that problem. it was governors, former governors that sit down, work together. we can tell you -- we made all the mistakes you can make. give you some of our experience. that's what we've asked for, but very few people -- >> what do you mean we've made all the mistakes you can make now? >> made a few. but we've learned from them. we're growing and this country's got to come together. the thing that bothers me
Nov 15, 2013 4:59pm EST
. kathleen sebelius doesn't write code. she wasn't our it person. who is the it person? who's the person in charge? who's the person responsible? who's the one who signed off on this before it went public? >> the person that's responsible is our administrator. >> and did she base her decisions on the memo you sent her on the 27th? is that right? i mean, the president talked about it person. who is the it person? is that mr. van runkle? is that mr. park? is it mr. chao? which of you is that person? stwl i don't know. i don't know. i didn't speak to the president. i don't know what the president was referring to. >> let me start with this slide c-3, if i could. and this is the report that the final report came out october 13th, after october first. minor was unable to accomplish the integrity of the exchange system in full. doesn't that raise concerns? did you know about this before october 13th? >> i think that's taken out of context. >> i say it's faken out of context because there's still quite a few wrinkles. >> did you know the results of the mie noer testing before october fir
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2